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Коментарии Демон сонного паралича легенда

Manuel Acedo
are the buttons hard to click?
Коментарий от: Manuel Acedo

Jae Gil
Does the case turn yellow in time?
Коментарий от: Jae Gil

Sereno T
❗️Do NOT buy this case!❗️The case is very thick and protective. It is super difficult to get off of the phone. It has scratched the side of my iPhone 11 Pro Max while taking it off as gently as I could.
Коментарий от: Sereno T

I had this case and not only did it scratch easily, but it tinted yellow even though they claimed it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t recommend it.
Коментарий от: Galaxy32

Jonathan Luu
Does this affect the swiping gestures at all? I'm concerned the swiping up gestures will be affected by the huge lip.
Коментарий от: Jonathan Luu

Owen K.
I have this case and love it a lot but trust
Me get a screen protector too. You’ll thank me later

Коментарий от: Owen K.

Tyler L
ever head of the life proof nuud case?
Коментарий от: Tyler L

Nathan Felix
Scratches very easily
Коментарий от: Nathan Felix

Nathan Felix
DONT BUY THIS CASE the button are super hard to press and are not satisfying. Returned it immediately
Коментарий от: Nathan Felix

Yeet Yeet
i had this case for less than 30 days, and after one week the case was already full of scratches and cracks, then last night i dropped my phone on my wood floor and the distance was less than 1 foot, and the entire back glass of my iphone 11 shattered (while inside the case). Also, this case was very slippery and not scratch proof at all.
Коментарий от: Yeet Yeet

Surya Indra
Excellent video! Can you please do a review on the GLASS REBEL cases from SwitchEasy?
I would like to know if they’re worth it or not! Thank you 💕

Коментарий от: Surya Indra

C Scan
I find this case pretty slippery and the buttons aren't very clicky. Other than that it looks great and is protective
Коментарий от: C Scan

S̶o̶a̶R C̶u̶r̶l̶y̶b̶o̶i
Good now I can throw it around like an android
Коментарий от: S̶o̶a̶R C̶u̶r̶l̶y̶b̶o̶i

Good video
Коментарий от: nakayla019

Michael Santiago
I was enjoying the case but after a week of not dropping it or putting it near keys the entire back is full of bad scratches and I’m so gentle with my phone and case
Коментарий от: Michael Santiago

Apple Juice -
Everybody is happy except the bacteria... :)
Коментарий от: Apple Juice -

Pitch Beatz
Bought this to my wife’s xr. While it does remin clear, it scratches much faster than tech 21/apple’s offerings, and it is much thicker. Great protection though
Коментарий от: Pitch Beatz

The only problem with this case is that once it’s on, it’s effing miserable to take off. For that reason alone, I would recommend the Mous Case, as it provides the same, if not better protection and you can actually remove it should you want to.
Коментарий от: Big2Planker

Mike Risner
I wish you had covered putting on and taking off the case. I had a Speck previously that offered excellent protection and good looks, but it was an anxiety-filled event every time I took the case off. I was certain I was 0.1 psi from bending my iPhone.

Thanks for another excellent video!

Коментарий от: Mike Risner

JD Cohen
I love this case
Коментарий от: JD Cohen

5:11 bezel really looks huge here
Коментарий от: BrntMlw

The Recon007
The ipaky case is pretty solid and it look nice!!
Коментарий от: The Recon007

Tyson Chicken
Make a video to see if the iPad mini 5 can replace ANY iPhone
Коментарий от: Tyson Chicken

Jason Ong
I hope you review Mous clear case and their Limitless line up.
Коментарий от: Jason Ong

I scream every time I see “your” phone drop on the concrete 😱😬
Коментарий от: You2Nosey

Chi Shing John
I have this case for a month with iPhone XR, not really loving it. The case is thick and the button is not very clicky (it did improve a bit after a while but still not very clicky). The back scratches too easily make it look like I own it for a long time already. While the back of the case will stay clear, the button and the concern of the phone case turn yellow. Overall if you don't mind thick phone case, this might be your choice.
Коментарий от: Chi Shing John

Claudia C
This case is great but it is really thick :( my hands are already too small for the phone!
Коментарий от: Claudia C

Noah Boock
Anyone know a Case & wireless charger combo that I can use with a pop socket.
Коментарий от: Noah Boock

Got this for my 11 pro. Works great other than sometimes gets dust inside but i guess thats because of the holes
Коментарий от: NYRfan4ever

Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures
What about the Otter Box defender. Yes it bulky but durable.
Коментарий от: Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures

Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
MOUS’ clear case takes this one. Sorry.
Коментарий от: Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

Gene Paradiso
I had a premium case that was difficult to press the power switch and the volume button. You need to cover that and ease of installing and removing the phone.
Коментарий от: Gene Paradiso

Fire Heart
Please do a what’s On My iPhone
Коментарий от: Fire Heart

You said that's not really the case. BADUM TSS!!! :) 1:22
Коментарий от: WLWesleyJr

Login Productions
Коментарий от: Login Productions

Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life
I have the Apple clear case. Do you know how these compare?
Коментарий от: Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life