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Jasmine Bautista
Mines was 36
Коментарий от: Jasmine Bautista

Kevin Watson
I bought the clear case the same day I bought my 11, honestly if you want to show off the color of your phone. But other than that this case is not worth $40
Коментарий от: Kevin Watson

Razor back

Not that hard to know.

Коментарий от: Razor back

Ryan Thimsen
Such a pain to take off and my first one cracked really easy
Коментарий от: Ryan Thimsen

Bro how do you take off the iPhone 11 clear case
Коментарий от: Le_Monke

Worth the Watch
This is something you can get for 2 bucks from aliexpres lol
Коментарий от: Worth the Watch

Purple iPhone 11 and clear case is my new setup, starting tomorrow.
Коментарий от: Mizosoop

Pls don’t buy it. From my experience I tried it on on the apple store. It is SOO hard to take the case off and it’s annoying
Коментарий от: Tamaki_Amajiki_is_a_cutie

Gabriela Mascarenhas
$40 ?!!!!!!!! No waaaaay
Коментарий от: Gabriela Mascarenhas

You can buy the same or even better quality clear cases for half the price or even lower.
Коментарий от: K J

How the f do I get the bloody thing off!?!?!?!
Коментарий от: xoJessikaox

BrokenRainer YT
40 dollars? Just buy an otter box like me :)
Коментарий от: BrokenRainer YT

What about rainbow effect against the light?
Коментарий от: javiermgs1

I just got this junk last night when I got my 11, cracked at the bottom when I was PUTTING it on 😂😂 wow. And it’s a pain trying to take it off. But I’ll get another worthy case later.
Коментарий от: JosephV001

Ryan Gately
where did you buy your watch strap ?
Коментарий от: Ryan Gately

camm 00
Коментарий от: camm 00

•Madeline Cherry•
I bought it, I don’t regret it, don’t know how to feel.

human confused noises

Коментарий от: •Madeline Cherry•

King Raptor
It’s not worth $40 period. Sorry 😬
Коментарий от: King Raptor

Horible K
If my iPhone case yellows I have the iPhone 11 in yellow so I won’t notice :)
Коментарий от: Horible K

I have a $5 clear case which is good quality and better then this. Don’t get this case, they are money thirsty when they are already very rich. Also the lip isn’t very protective. I would recommend a higher lip. Better safe then sorry. BTW this is from experience with the case.
Коментарий от: Dog ASMR

Timmy Turna
Still gonna become yellow in like a month?
Коментарий от: Timmy Turna

A. V.
I can confirm the Apple clear case being slippery. As in within 30 minutes after installing it in the iPhone, the case will start slipping from your hands. Poor design on Apple's part. But I am happy in that the case is not plastic but some sort of a flexible polymer that will provide better protection during drops without being bulky like Tech21 or Otterbox clear cases. Being bulky ruins how the phone looks because the phone is heavy and thick to begin with. Make sure you get the warranty if you are buying one of the pro models. The warranty provides you with two service calls for two years.
Коментарий от: A. V.

I still cant believe i bought it.
Коментарий от: Alex

I love Apple and my new iPhone 11 in black 😘 but that case is not worth $40 it just isn’t.
Коментарий от: Ariel VEGA RODRIGUEZ

No case is worth more than $10 , amazon is your best friend when it comes to cases
Коментарий от: VNY D

Dustie Dawn
Just bought this case, haven’t opened it yet, I’m wondering if I should take it back...???
Коментарий от: Dustie Dawn

Dilyara I
absolutely terrible case! Impossible to take it off
Коментарий от: Dilyara I

M Sudarso
Not worth to buy. I bought it for my iPhone 11 and figured it out super slippery, very uncomfortable to handy on. it's meh! Now I'm looking for another brand, it probably Spigen.
Коментарий от: M Sudarso

Sandro Tabidze
I have it
Коментарий от: Sandro Tabidze

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best iphone 11 case scafe.shop/bic2019?x2 hope it helps you out too!"
Коментарий от: slavik113

The minty green is what I might get
Коментарий от: GhostJayden-_-

Cyonix YahIR
I got an iPhone 11 pro case for 5 dollars
Коментарий от: Cyonix YahIR

Yellow Circle
I was able to spend $55 on two clear cases, leather Apple Watch, screen protectors and a leather burkley case for my iPhone 11 promax.
Коментарий от: Yellow Circle

Arash Amorzesh
You can pay more 5box and buys a leather case with great material 👍
Коментарий от: Arash Amorzesh

Hilary Oronsaye
Super slipper hard as f***ck to get off and the buttons are so stiff I was so played 😞
Коментарий от: Hilary Oronsaye

The apple clear case i have found to b the best, they really hold up, no scratches, it doesn’t yellow, doesn’t really get dirty! Sure u can buy a 5-10 dollar case from amazon, but trust me its not gonna last!!
Коментарий от: Harlem139Convent1

Yanelly Dennis
Watching this on my iPhone 11 with my $40 case from apple 🤣
Коментарий от: Yanelly Dennis

Can you do a drop test with this case??? Please!!
Коментарий от: Meliah

when i put on the casing, it felt like the cover cracked lmao. it’s actually quite nice for a clear casing, but it’s overpriced
Коментарий от: 符佳盈

Simo Boug
The most useless case ever!
Коментарий от: Simo Boug

Chisom Agbara
I just bought my apple clear class for my iPhone 11. luckily Best Buy I had on sale for $23. it was between that and the silicone. I think I'll go back and get the silicone later but I do like the clear class. DEFINITELY NOT worth $40
Коментарий от: Chisom Agbara

Random 1789
I got it for $20 at bestbuy
Коментарий от: Random 1789

Oliver Viray
I just bought the spigen liquid crystal for 10 bucks on amazon. Great grip actually, ultra slim, and has a lip around the camera and screen.
Коментарий от: Oliver Viray

i got a $20 speck clear case and i know for sure its better quality for literally half the price
Коментарий от: Stephanie

Experienced Tech
I got the iPhone 11 in white with the clear case. I don’t think the case is worth $40. Also the case does make creaking noises when you hold it though. Other than that it’s fine.
Коментарий от: Experienced Tech

Ordered this case arrived on the 17th I put it on and then off to clean the phone once I could see dust. As I put it back on the second time and it snapped in the bottom cut out cracked up the back of the case. Total garbage did not have it even an hour.
Коментарий от: Jwoy

tia poonia
I can get a clear case of eBay for like £4 which has a better design and raised edges on it so it protects your phone even more...
Коментарий от: tia poonia

You can literally buy this exact case for $2 on Aliexpress, but still I would never recommend it. There are way better clear cases like the otterbox symmetry.
Коментарий от: M LS

Eric Fan-Lou
costs less than $1 to make

Apple: sells it for $40


Коментарий от: Eric Fan-Lou

Don’t buy the fake ones from amazon. I had one for 2 weeks and it started to turn yellow/brown
Коментарий от: ZK

I got one at 20$.
On promotion in my country.

Коментарий от: -.

J. Kim
Let me save all iPhone 11 users some time. No, no it’s not.
Коментарий от: J. Kim

Got a Spigen clear case on Amazon only $16, sturdy, even if it turns yellow after a year, buy another one still cheaper than this Apple one. I buy Apple products but not blindly. This is like those colourful “socks” for the iPod Mini back then.
Коментарий от: ejellyfish

Gerardo Jáuregui
The Ultra Hybrid Spigen clear case is 11 dollars on Amazon and it's amazing, is protective, high quality and doesn't turn yellow.
Коментарий от: Gerardo Jáuregui

Alan Flores
I think I’m getting the clear case. I’ve been using my iPhone 11 Pro for two weeks without a case and it looks amazing but it feels like playing russian roulette every day. I didn’t want to buy another silicon case and leather cases get dirty super quickly. Thanks for helping me out solving this dilema.
Коментарий от: Alan Flores

Christina P
If you’re going to spend this kind of money on such a basic case, get an otterbox
Коментарий от: Christina P

Trash. It cracks at the bottom. Had it on launch day. Horrible and slippery 😏 returning.
Коментарий от: ShugTexas

I had this case for my 11 pro but I returned it because it was extremely slippery. I felt it was gonna fly out my hands if my hands sweat even just a little bit.
Коментарий от: Shaneka

Quade Carter
Gosh, that purple color is beautiful. I would rather go with the pro, but lordt I want that purple on a pro!
Коментарий от: Quade Carter

Nee, keine Lust zu überlegen
It’s not worth more than $10, $15 at the most.
Коментарий от: Nee, keine Lust zu überlegen

I have this case and it’s super super slippery. I hope this changes after some time of use but at this moment I’m thinking of replacing it with something more sticky on the outside
Коментарий от: Metallicelmo

I love this guy’s voice
Коментарий от: itsMido2

Chris Gilgen
Caudabe's Lucid Clear cases are cheaper and have much better buttons holes.
Коментарий от: Chris Gilgen

Cari Jarman
I bought this case when I ordered my phone so I could be protected day one. The only issue I have is that it's super slippery. my phone has nearly flown out of my hand several times a day already. Clear is great, but not being slippery is better. No, not worth $40.
Коментарий от: Cari Jarman

Steve Smith
its also very slippery
Коментарий от: Steve Smith

Get the CaseMate iPhone 11 Clear Case

the best case seriously and has great shock absorption.

Коментарий от: shmitler

ricky v
Bummer there isn't an Apple branded clear case for the iPhone X. I would buy it in a heart beat. :(
Коментарий от: ricky v

Bob Jones
I bought the leather Apple case ,less slippery and the incipeo duel pro clear for work as it’s tougher and was cheaper than Apples clear on.My recommendations would be the Mous clear case if you can find one
Коментарий от: Bob Jones

Just Me
40$ for a plastic case....ridiculous
Коментарий от: Just Me

Derek Jones
Just got a silicone case for 9.99
Коментарий от: Derek Jones

Derek Jones
Go to Amazon
Коментарий от: Derek Jones

Derek Jones
Коментарий от: Derek Jones

No One
Коментарий от: No One

no worth
Коментарий от: xpungentstenchx

Callum John Edwards-Williams
I don’t recommend this case at all. I’ve used it for 24 hours and the back is covered in scratches (with very light use only!), and the case is meant to have a scratch resistance? I’m taking to back to apple to exchange for a silicone case.
Коментарий от: Callum John Edwards-Williams

Nicholas Bogan
Didn't you make this video last year... Damn apple must keep it interesting for u guys. Lol
Коментарий от: Nicholas Bogan

It’s all about the investment. I would definitely buy a expensive case for a expensive phone!
Коментарий от: Clara RICHARDSON

Aleksandar Vuletic
AliExpress for 2$.
Коментарий от: Aleksandar Vuletic

I can’t understand why apple don’t sell leather case for iPhone 11
Коментарий от: Hersses

Iron Mike Z
Voice was fine. Prior to the iPhone 11 delivery, I purchased and received the Apple clear case as well as the black silicone case. I kept the silicone and returned the clear. Just didn’t like the “slipperyness” of the clear as compared to the silicone.
Коментарий от: Iron Mike Z

Yes $40 is a lot of money when it only in cost Apple a nickel worth of plastic 😂
Коментарий от: BCOOLROB

They are selling 25 cent US in Vietnam, not kidding so no one will buy this in Apple Store 👌
Коментарий от: Scoping

Denis Elis
Take a guess why I'm spamming your youtube comments??
Коментарий от: Denis Elis

Denis Elis
Since we didn't hear back from you, your ticket has been marked as resolved. If you still need help, simply reply to this email or click the link below - we’re here to help!
Коментарий от: Denis Elis

When I used to use cases for earlier iphones (4, 5, 6, and 7), I bought cheap cases on Amazon. Ended up having to get like 3-4 for each of those phones due to them not being durable or lacking quality. When I got the X, I went with an Apple case, and it has lasted me 2.5 years and looks brand new. I personally feel if you're buying a $800+ phones, a $40 case is really nothing. If you can't afford the case, then you prob shouldn't be getting the phone in the first place.
Коментарий от: TheTrueLu

I think other than for personal feel/atheistic, phones these days don't require cases. Very durable in drops and scratches, so no point in getting one.
Коментарий от: TheTrueLu

J Martin
Still goes to amazon to buy a $12 clear case thats better and offers more protection.
Коментарий от: J Martin

Spigen’s ultra hybrid case is $12.00 on amazon and is excellent! As much as I love my iPhones I would never pay $40.00 for a case made by Apple.
Коментарий от: luddeluring

Madona Donadio
iPhones are great. 🙂
Коментарий от: Madona Donadio

I think i made a better choice with the leather case just for a few bucks more.
Коментарий от: Víctor

John Green
The Spigen Ultra Hybird case is better.
Коментарий от: John Green

CLEARly not...
i know. i'm sorry :D

Коментарий от: goringo331

5$ maximum.
Коментарий от: M C

Since apple didn't make any leather case for iPhone 11 (yet) I went for this clear case. The rubbe case was just too much rubber...dust got stuck on it and it showed. So far I'm happy with this case. Will be on the lookout for leather cases but, haven't found any yet.
Коментарий от: Bytemare

Crazy Mario
I’m still waiting for the silicone case unboxing, not the pro
Коментарий от: Crazy Mario

Коментарий от: James

Maxime Legendre
Mine broke on the bottom right corner when I tried to remove it for cleaning my iPhone...
Коментарий от: Maxime Legendre

TJs Gaming
I got a otter case because no way ima let this phone break
Коментарий от: TJs Gaming

Will Gordon
This ain’t it chief
Коментарий от: Will Gordon

Will W
It resists scratches to the case? Maybe the case needs a case
Коментарий от: Will W