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mrkwd - tech guy
Which case are you going for? Did I miss any great affordable cases out of this video? Let me know 👇🏻
Коментарий от: mrkwd - tech guy

Never realized until now that the iPhone 11 has a shiny back and matte camera lens, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a matte back and shiny camera lens :) Why did Apple choose to switch it around? It's the same series. It's kinda cool though! I have the 11 in white, and I can't wait to try different cases on it - my phones have always been black or dark blue (Samsung S6 a few years back), and I love the contrast of the white :)
Коментарий от: lac92576

Hevva Shepherd
I went for super protection and got a UAG Metropolis flip case for my iPhone 11... these cases are nice as well though.
Коментарий от: Hevva Shepherd

I decided on the Ringke and I looove it.. And the buttons on mine are very responsive. Such a sexy case and everyone loves it.
Коментарий от: Elisabeth

Kevan Glover
I love that thw apple logo is exposed because you know how many ppl buy that FAKE thing you put over the camera if you have a xs max that makes it look like the 11 pros? But that being said you cannot move the Apple logo 🤣🤣 so im glade it's exposed
Коментарий от: Kevan Glover

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best iphone 11 case scafe.shop/bic2019?Ee hope it helps you out too!"
Коментарий от: Deetta GARDEN

Claire S
Watching this video for recommendations for my new iPhone XR - any tips please?
Коментарий от: Claire S

I’m getting the iPhone 11 black with the Caseology Parallax Deep blue case
Коментарий от: JFYT

Коментарий от: JFYT

Michael Gordon
You have to remember to plug your wireless mic in or turn the power on. It will really help in your videos so you don't sound like you are in the shower.
Коментарий от: Michael Gordon

Mr. Swooprah
Why didn’t you mention Mous? They have the best cases for sure
Коментарий от: Mr. Swooprah

Bryan Montero
Wish you could’ve show the back of the cases with the phone in longer without your hand covering the whole thing.
Коментарий от: Bryan Montero

guo li
This case gives me peace of mind and no worries that my phone will be protected 100% I fail to see how it could get damaged as its complete around protection. Front Rear and Sides. I recommend to buy this case for everyone instead of paying over the odds for official or over inflated priced case that would not protect fully. Nice Grip and Feel and light too, Value for Money! www.amazon.de/dp/B07PT851V6
Коментарий от: guo li

Why do people just get back cases abs not something that covers the screen too?
Коментарий от: Andrewshadowy

I have always liked leather magnetic flip cases
Коментарий от: Andrewshadowy

MMA Rank_1
Just get a decent UAG! Had Spigen for 3 phones. ALL ended up in the bin! The buttons are Scandalous!
Коментарий от: MMA Rank_1

Skeletonkiller_ 999
11 pro max
Коментарий от: Skeletonkiller_ 999

Skeletonkiller_ 999
I got iphone
Коментарий от: Skeletonkiller_ 999

Cynthia D
I really want to see someone show the 360 cases and demonstrate how good the clear case is on the screen and I did not find this here.
Коментарий от: Cynthia D

DontBe aChoad
Intro audio was recorded in the bathroom. Kinda where most of these cases belong...
Коментарий от: DontBe aChoad

Ezzra Moody
How do you take points away for seeing apple logo but then talk about how amazing a clear case is to see the back of your phone I don’t get it 😂
Коментарий от: Ezzra Moody

I’m sure the 1st oligarchs shown is a cheaply made Chinese case. I’ve seen loads with that random autofocus text.
Edit: Their silicone case is also just like the ones I see on cheap Chinese sites too. I’m sure that’s their business model.

Коментарий от: Nope

Ricky Connelley
Belongme from Amazon. Raised corners, clear case. just got an iPhone 11 got this case and I love it. It’s 7.99$ and comes with two glass screen protectors. Amazing value! I rarely comment, but this is a great case for the money! Anyone looking for a clear case wont be disappointed.
Коментарий от: Ricky Connelley

Nikki Stewart
The reason for leaving the Apple Logo showing is obviously to put on your lipstick or get that pesky fly outta your eye!!!
Коментарий от: Nikki Stewart

Bradley VanTreese
When naming these as your top ten iPhone 11 cases, what criteria did you use to arrive at your conclusions? Had you tried the cases out previously? It looked as though they were new, and you might be unfamiliar with them as you modeled them on your phone. Just curious. Thanks!
Коментарий от: Bradley VanTreese

ONEris Sullivan
I just bought Spigen Tough Armor GunMetal and i love it. For only 24$
Коментарий от: ONEris Sullivan

Doodle Bob
I recommend the Rhinoshield cases, ranging from $30-$35 they honestly look and sound way better than what is shown in this video
Коментарий от: Doodle Bob

Bernardo Roldan
Thank you for not using a black iphone for the case review like most other vids. Black generally looks good in any case. Gold and white can be tricky to match.
Коментарий от: Bernardo Roldan

Why is everyone calling sleeves cases now. Cases have double layers and can’t just be easily pulled off as a sleeve can.
Коментарий от: zergtoss1

Paul Sandeep
What about element cases ? Can you review them also?
Коментарий от: Paul Sandeep

Beginners Daily
$1000 for the 256gb pro version. -$300 rebate and $150 trade in. And buy one get one free. It really isn’t that expensive if you have someone to split the bill with
Коментарий от: Beginners Daily

King Anar
U didn’t put mous?
Коментарий от: King Anar

10:45 for some reason I love when cases have the bottom opened the sides too
Коментарий от: SimplyStimulating

"Olixar for iPhone Xs Silicone Case - Flexible Slim TPU - Ultra Thin Protective Cover - Wireless Charging Compatible - Red" Man I really like how this case looks
Коментарий от: SimplyStimulating

2:51 Man that one looks so nice
Коментарий от: SimplyStimulating

I want to get a new case for my 10s I really want to get a pitaka slim case or a leather case maybe a mous
Коментарий от: SimplyStimulating

That is very fascinating
Коментарий от: SimplyStimulating

Max Martin
Коментарий от: Max Martin

Spigen Tough Armor for me 🥰
Коментарий от: Weiss

Probably thicker* than what you like, but I’ve gone with the $12 Supcase Beetle on my last 2 phones. I’ve given them heavy abuse and almost daily drops with only a couple of cracked screen protectors thru the years.
Been satisfied enough that I ordered one for my pro max immediately after upgrading

Коментарий от: 2dthoughts

Str8 Luscious
Find it crazy how people will spend $1100 on a phone but protect it with a $8 case .. that’s like hooking up with a super hott person and using a broken condom lol .. yeah bad analogy but W/E
Коментарий от: Str8 Luscious

Oh.my goodness you are so handsome.thank you for video about the cases
Коментарий от: ANDY PHIMMANAO

M4 Week
Just got the iPhone 11 and getting the fusion, great vid
Коментарий от: M4 Week

Ron Knight
I just want to know why spigen sell their products at a high price in their website but in amazon it’s almost half the price 🤔
Коментарий от: Ron Knight

The purple olixar case has the velvet to prevent dust and grit getting in between the case and phone and scratching it 👌
Коментарий от: bigdoddz0

Trini Flyer868
Wow the gold looks great in that clear case
Коментарий от: Trini Flyer868

you forget the best case ; UAG Monarch
Коментарий от: MrChabrang

George Stoupis
Check out rhinoshield cases mate !
Коментарий от: George Stoupis

Dylan Moose
How have I only just found this channel?! Hi Mark, how are you?
Коментарий от: Dylan Moose

Sahil Malhi
They look great! Which is your favorite
Коментарий от: Sahil Malhi