Перевод и разбор Billie Eilish - When the party's over. Английский по песням.

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Коментарии Перевод и разбор Billie Eilish - When the party's over. Английский по песням.

Jjs Man
I hope Monty is better by the time you read this!
Коментарий от: Jjs Man

Telepathic Pickup Hypnosis
Коментарий от: Telepathic Pickup Hypnosis

Larissa Santos
My case broke LITERALLY while putting it on.
Коментарий от: Larissa Santos

Wait so did he say it was bad?
Коментарий от: Sammy

Cameron Getty
did you just say "afishiendo"?
Коментарий от: Cameron Getty

1:37 so cute
Коментарий от: Dragonovus

Lets go montyyy!
Коментарий от: Sinned

Dr. Skillz
Is Monty your wife? RIP, Monty. Sorry for your loss.
Коментарий от: Dr. Skillz

I have the clear case but the volume and power buttons are hard to press is their a way to fix it?
Коментарий от: GhostMajestic

Youre gay?
Коментарий от: Ablanorasdarokanasloras

Hi, is there a clear iPhone 11 Pro Max case you recommend? Thanks.
Коментарий от: Missy

shabad sawhney
So what are the top clear cases for Iphone 11?
Коментарий от: shabad sawhney

L-Nicole Isaac
This case is amazing! I almost listened to your review and I’m glad I didn’t. Unlike other clear cases, it’s very slim and not bulky, does not scratch and DOES NOT TURN COLOR. Almost listened to you and didn’t buy but decided to check it out for myself.
Коментарий от: L-Nicole Isaac

just a cash grab because these are the most popular cases but since this is just a clear case and nothing on it no logos or anything u could probably buy the same one of amazon and sell it for like 30 bux to some gay apple fanboy
Коментарий от: bucketsucker420

55 44
My cousin have the Apple clear case with iPhone 11 and it is slippery AF she have to put a pop socket on it, it’s fking slippery
Коментарий от: 55 44

Alvaro Ibarra
You look like Milhouse of future
Коментарий от: Alvaro Ibarra

A. V.
Apple clear case is perhaps the best clear case on the market for iPhone 11. It is thin and protective while not being bulky, which ruins the beauty of the phone. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I am very happy after installing it. But be warned that it does start slipping just 30 minutes after first install. The crack at the bottom of the case shown in this video seems to be caused by removing the case carelessly. That is not a problem of the case, but of the user. Obviously, don't unnecessarily remove the case after install because it forms a very tight seal, making it difficult to remove. Also, get the warranty, because it does slip and repairs are expensive!
Коментарий от: A. V.

dr. Rusly
De javu... Samsung note 8 clear case from 2 years ago...
Коментарий от: dr. Rusly

I bought this case. Worst purchase ever. It cracked after 2 weeks. Absolutely garbage. Also paid 40 usd for it
Коментарий от: Cmo3003

I fucking hate mine. Got it for the iPhone 11, and for some reason the corners aren’t formed to the case that we’ll so there’s always dust and debri traveling into the back of the case. Just looks so ugly and nasty
Коментарий от: RedLuckOG

I’m dumb. I literally just got my clear case from Apple in the mail and attached it to my iPhone Pro Max, and I just now decided to watch video reviews on the case, which unfortunately aren’t looking so good.
Коментарий от: Oxandrolone

i got a case like this similar to the clear one on aliexpress for only 1.50 usd free shipping, yea it takes a couple weeks to get here and its actually super cute and nice. doesnt give that wet look and the buttons are easy to touch through the case XD people get scammed buying this expensive iphone cases when they sell the exact same ones for SO MUCH CHEAPER!
Коментарий от: RADICAL

purple nails? how fancy
Коментарий от: Chroma

lol their cases have always been overpriced trash
Коментарий от: K J

Jose Coronel
I finally got my phone out of its case
Коментарий от: Jose Coronel

Ramses Gonzalez
I have the IPhone XS Max if you going to buy a clear case buy a bulky one not the ones that are literally skinny asf think twice plus my case clear
Коментарий от: Ramses Gonzalez

I use UAG clear case it’s better
Коментарий от: Nurse_Izzy_Gonzales1989

Cody Provencher
Love my clear case you can see the true color of the phone and it’s comfortable to hold. Terrible review, if you want a case but don’t want to sacrifice the look of your phone buy this case!
Коментарий от: Cody Provencher

Carlos Vasquez
Just bought one on sale for $25. It’s honestly not that bad a case, I don’t think this review does it much justice. That’s just me though.
Коментарий от: Carlos Vasquez

Rian Young

Aficionado 🥺

Коментарий от: Rian Young

Leo Wade
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best iphone 11 case scafe.shop/bic2019?qf hope it helps you out too!"
Коментарий от: Leo Wade

It also makes the iPhone way heavier
Коментарий от: halloo

Nice fingernails
Коментарий от: ExtraGlutenPlz

SlavicGirl BG
I have the otterbox clear cse symmetry for 11 pro max and is TERRIBLE too! The case was already scratched in the box and just scratches from the smallest touch.
Коментарий от: SlavicGirl BG

Zaphod Stone
I held this case in the apple store and put it back so fast, it handles like a buttered ice cube and the protection is nonexistent. The silicon apple case at least offers a bit of protection, the clear case is thin, hard plastic and doesn’t have anything on it that looks like it would save your phone in a drop.
Коментарий от: Zaphod Stone

JcruzR 2
I got a Speck, Spigen Rugged Armor and 2 Spigen glass protectors for $40 from Amazon for 2 11 pro max iPhones. Same price as that Apple case.
Коментарий от: JcruzR 2

Okie Dokey Old Folkie
That's why I have ordered the mous iPhone 11 clearity case for my next phone on boxing day and it is 100x better than the apple one as it is super grippey and it's on sale currently meaning ITS CHEAPER but even though it is near the price of the apple one but it's worth it because it is just a TANK
Коментарий от: Okie Dokey Old Folkie

emilio robles
Lol, apple is selling 0,20 cent cases at $40
Коментарий от: emilio robles

Charl Naude
using the clear case and idk if this is just me but it’s literally impossible to take off lmao
Коментарий от: Charl Naude

I had one too on my Iphone 11 pro max and i somehow managed to bend my phone trying to take it out of the case
Коментарий от: -_-

KB legend
Am I the only one who notices how buff this dude
Коментарий от: KB legend

Tech Is Life
There are better cases out there, and  really feels like they can charge that much for a case and it doesn’t even work well.
Коментарий от: Tech Is Life

Danielle Dahlgren
Yes! I am extremely disappointed in this apple 11 clear case! I owned an apple silicone case with my last phone and i loved it. Felt very good in the hand without being bulky. Thought i’d take a chance on apple’s clear case for my new iPhone 11 hoping the quality would be as good as my previous silicone case. The quality of this case is worse than a cheap clear $10.00 case I purchased from Walmart. It’s is SO slippery that it’s not comfortable to hold. The case is also extremely hard to get off, I fear I’ll damage my phone trying. What a waste of money! Shame on Apple for selling a cheap china made product for $30-$40 when you can get the same thing for $5!
Коментарий от: Danielle Dahlgren

Try totalle they carry some clear cases the feel great when you grab your phone !!! I have one on my iPhone 11 Pro mas !!! I do like it way more then apples high price cases that don’t last !!!
Коментарий от: soy1de3aztlan

Matthew Gonzales
it’s cause the green iphone is ugly 😭
Коментарий от: Matthew Gonzales

I love you a lot
I can’t get my case off for my 11 Pro Max
Коментарий от: I love you a lot

Alan Ramseur
Hands down the best clear case is from Totalee. It is soft to the touch and covers the whole case. Soooo good.
Коментарий от: Alan Ramseur

Which clear case would you say is best for the 11 pro Max?
Коментарий от: reginaalear

Brandon Pagan
Can you do a review for the best back glass screen protector for the iPhone 11 Pro Max?
Коментарий от: Brandon Pagan

Cases? Only poor people use those...
Коментарий от: RELOADfx

Robb Walker
I see that Mous has FINALLY released their Clarity clear case for the iPhone 11 Pro. Any thoughts on it yet or plans to review it? I know you are generally a huge fan of Mous cases. Just wondering how their Clarity case will fare in your honest opinion.
Коментарий от: Robb Walker

Apple generally make the worst official accessories that are ten times expensive than the 3rd party ones and ironically they make better looking and more durable and affordable accessories than Apple!
Коментарий от: Kevin

If I buy a clear case or any case I don’t want a brand plastered on it. That’s why I never buy speck or whatever, it just looks tacky. I have the clear apple case and love it
Коментарий от: J V

lailodos gad
i like any type if clear case ....
Коментарий от: lailodos gad

ayaan haryani
I got a clear case with reinforced corners for my iphone 11 for 2 dollars and offers more protection than apples clear case and they are making a profit of at-least 35 dollars for each case.
Коментарий от: ayaan haryani

I bought a fantastic hard plastic case for 35 dollars. Amazing quality. Special plastic. The iPhone clear case is horrible.
Коментарий от: Queenly

Andrew W
I wish I'd seen this video before I upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro and purchased the Apple clear case. You're correct, it's complete rubbish. It's only been a week since I bought it at the Apple Store so I'm returning it tomorrow to take advantage of their two week return window. Today, I took delivery on a BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case. I had one on my iPhones X and Xs and loved it. They didn't have a clear case at the time so I bought a smoke-colored case with a black rim. It looked great with my space-gray phone.and offered great purchase of the phone thus feeling secure in my hand. The new case is crystal clear but unlike the Apple case, it offers very similar purchase as the previous case I had. Also, the case is easy to install and remove since it's very flexible. Removing the Apple case was incredibly difficult. Never again will I trust Apple to offer the best case. They screwed up immensely with this one.

Коментарий от: Andrew W

Jay Puckett
The clear life proof case is a piece of junk as well, cheap plastic that breaks on cleaning,don’t get it either!
Коментарий от: Jay Puckett

Natalie Dooley
Monty is the sweetest! Nice outtakes🤣
Коментарий от: Natalie Dooley

I also have the case but it seems it doesn't have a snug fit, I can press the back near the Apple logo and it shows a faded rainbow color when held at an angle .
Did you have the same experience with it or did they send a fault product?

P.S. anyone saying I overpaid, I didn't mind to drop 20$ extra to get it in the same package

Коментарий от: Mike

Andrew Mclave
P.s the video is great apart from the miss pronunciation. Hope Monty is feeling better!
Коментарий от: Andrew Mclave

Andrew Mclave
Think of the word access, as in access all area’s. That’s the same sound you should make when you say accessory, so phonetically it’s a k sound for the first c in the word and a soft c for the second c in the word. That’s how you pronounce it correctly, the other way makes it a nonsense word!
Коментарий от: Andrew Mclave

Grapple berry
Hope Monty feels better soon. I don’t have any problem with branding using my UAG black carbon monarch case and I love the huge Uag logo. Isn’t that why people buy things? I would not buy a clear plastic slippery case even if it did have a Apple logo on it. The price in 🇨🇦 is insane go buy a totallee clear case much better grip and even thinner than Apples case. Clear cases look great when brand new but they don’t hold up for too long 🤮
Коментарий от: Grapple berry

Andrew Mclave
Dude, learn to say accessory properly! Seriously, you’re mispronouncing the word over and over and over again. It makes a mockery of the content of this video. You and Everything Apple Pro do it constantly, and it makes you look unprofessional. It’s really that simple.
Коментарий от: Andrew Mclave

Guess Monty is your version of white shoes !
Коментарий от: osoifamf

I mean i have the pelican clear iphone 11 pro max case and its comfortable, has a bit of flex in it cause its rubbery but it is a little slippery
Коментарий от: Ignatius

It’s a clear case. It shouldn’t have anything extra.
Коментарий от: TheMarkusAT

AJ Jay
👍 for "🤬 my ass!" 🤣
Коментарий от: AJ Jay

Kris Musto
Best clear cases for iphone 11 pro max?
Коментарий от: Kris Musto

Alejandro Rodriguez
You know what’s also terrible that yellow T-shirt lol jk
Коментарий от: Alejandro Rodriguez

Joseph Carlo Ramos
Awesome review! You saved me some money. Just got the Apple leather case. Not as slippery. Will check out the other clear cases you suggested. 🤙🏼
Коментарий от: Joseph Carlo Ramos

Niall Wood
why would anyone buy a case from apple?!?!? i got a £5.99 clear case for my 11 and its fine
Коментарий от: Niall Wood

eddy Mahon
I’ve had so many cases for my iPhones and I always return to the Apple leather case. A little pricey but good quality and feel
Коментарий от: eddy Mahon

Bryan Martinez
People shouldn’t be paying 40 dollars for a case. Apple always overprices their stuff they are money hungry.
Коментарий от: Bryan Martinez

Cristian Miu
You are my go to for this kind or reviews for years. Just dropped by to say thank you for all your work! THANK YOU!
Коментарий от: Cristian Miu

John Appleby
The title says it all.

But you missed - try turning the flashlight on this phone in the dark. The case focuses all the light back at you! Argggg. Product. Fail.

Коментарий от: John Appleby

Review the ESR clear glass case for iPhone 11
Коментарий от: xjr1618x

Lol 6:57 tho and 7:04 AHHAHA!
Коментарий от: Grace_VM

Been using the case since release. Shows off the phone really well, gloss look is elegant. Buttons soften up after use. Protects phone. Keeps the dust out compared to most cases.


Коментарий от: S W

Germaine Liew
Not so sure why are many making a big deal out of "branding on clear cases".

As far as recent spigen cases goes, the Ultra Hybrid and Liquid Crystal, the spigen logo isn't like placed on dead center on the back of the phone. Instead it's just on the lower left side of the case. You'd barely even notice it.
Those cheap dollar store/Alibaba clear cases yellow pretty quickly. At least the spigen clear cases won't yellow as quick based on some long term users.

Коментарий от: Germaine Liew

Go Monty! Best vibes for your heeling from Germany
Коментарий от: WA G

I'll stick with speck clear case for galaxy s10e
Коментарий от: WokeMegu

Enrico Colombo
This cover doesn’t yellowing, i have it for 1 year, is completly trasparent, it have only one crack (i removed it too strogly), and it’s lightly consumed on border.
Коментарий от: Enrico Colombo

Lol i also got my clear case on launch day its looks like broken glass right now
Коментарий от: Ogikay

Quenclyn Alston
Has anyone heard of sonix cases? They have a lot of clear cases but I can’t find any REAL reviews on them. 🧐
Коментарий от: Quenclyn Alston

Harrison VerHulst
U just save me from buying that. Thx
Коментарий от: Harrison VerHulst

Wait, what's the deal with the painted nails?
Коментарий от: brybomb95

Ram Goofy
Poor Monty!! :(.
Коментарий от: Ram Goofy

David David
You know it’s Apple when there’s a big cutout at the bottom so no branding needed
Коментарий от: David David

Mason 美生
Коментарий от: Mason 美生

Mike O'Driscoll
Any review Coming up for the clear tech 21 for the iPhone 11 pro max? I just got it
Коментарий от: Mike O'Driscoll

Ahmed Ali
Just buy the mous clarity lol
Коментарий от: Ahmed Ali

Asif Ullah Adnan
Since when do you wear Nail Polish?
Коментарий от: Asif Ullah Adnan

Karoline Vieira
omg the cute dog staring at his human hahaha
Коментарий от: Karoline Vieira

Apple released no leather cover for iPhone 11. Disgusting.
Коментарий от: yurieu

Jamie B
You need a Gear D30 case. They cover the entire phone and are rock solid. Best on the market imo.
Коментарий от: Jamie B

Cabbage Tech
i got a clear case for my 11. it has a little brand name at the bottom which is basically clear too. it’s very durable and i love it! it shows the color of my beautiful phone!
Коментарий от: Cabbage Tech

Why do people spend so much on cases? Just buy a cheap case on amazon or ebay my case for s9+ was only 7 € and it's good quality
Коментарий от: Sixep

Bought the clear case today after trying it, and tbh the buttons are not that bad by there is a little bit of slip
Коментарий от: Swizzle

Zero X
𝐖𝐚𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐚 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐱 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 24 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬👀
Коментарий от: Zero X